Behavioral Care

You might notice on a visit with us that we take a different approach to interacting with your pet. Our goal is to have pets that LOVE to come and see us (or at the very least don’t mind it very much). We will never force your pet through something they are clearly scared of or uncomfortable with. We like to keep them with you as much as possible. We take a skilled approach to handling that does not increase their fear or anxiety. If a pet will not allow for something that needs done, we will recommend medications or sedation to make their experience better.

There is no shame in having a fearful pet here. We meet them where they are at and create a plan that allows for them to have the same level of medical care any other pet would get.

If you are struggling with a behavior issue with your pet (reactivity, fear, aggression, house soiling, etc) we are here to help. We can get you the resources needed to start taking steps in the right direction. We can create a medication protocol and training referrals to help find peace in your home.